The Long Slog

The drive back from Iowa always seems longer than the drive out, even though it's exactly the same time, speed, and distance (275 miles door to door).

However, I am back now and it went just fine. Iowa drivers suck worse than Wisconsin ones, as a rule of thumb, with the exception of Madison WI drivers who suck the absolute worst of all. This suck scale, I should explain, is based primarily on the metric of "dumb driving." To wit, making poor driving decisions to do with speed, changing lanes, and merging.

Iowa was fun. I ate pizza and saw a show. After the show I got caught up with one of my friends I have not seen or spoken to in a long time. I stayed up too late and I was a little tired today, which is probably responsible for the seemingly long drive.

Now I am at the Funk's Pub open jam, live streaming it using a high definition (HD) web camera I borrowed from my friend Wendy. It's not performing as HD as I had hoped because it has an autofocus feature I cannot adjust for reasons beyond the scope of this post, and it keeps autofocusing on foreground things, so the stage keeps jumping in and out of focus. However, the sound quality should not be in any way affected by this minor technical difficulty.

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