The State of Rock-n-Roll

GUPPY EFFECT band practice was canceled for tonight, by our drummer. That’s unfortunate for band momentum, but we don’t have a gig until the end of May (at Art Nest), as of now. I’ll probably work on music and writing on my own tonight.

EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE had a great band practice last night, and we have a show this Saturday night. It’s actually a house concert performance in my basement, for a few friends. We have a couple of new songs on the set list. Momentum is good in this band, notwithstanding the drummer’s 2 week European vacation. GUPPY EFFECT guitarist Stefan is going to stop by tonight with the LED light rack so EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE can use that on Saturday.

BABY ROCKET has a show tomorrow night at the Nautigal, and while the cover band music does nothing for me anymore, it should be a decent enough time and will pay some fair musician wages.

HIATVS is reuniting for a house party gig on June 13 and we have rehearsals planned for May 3 and May 31, in Madison, to get ready for it. Although this is a cover band as well, it’s a lot more fun than BABY ROCKET.

The RITA WITTER BAND is still embryonic and needs to tighten up their backstroking on the songs (still biff heavy). They play an esoteric mix of about 50/50 covers and originals. It’s an alright band, largely because the 22 year old lead guitarist holds it all together. Having a female front person is also nice. I don’t invest a lot of time in this band, because no one else does. It’s just something to do sometimes, for fun. I think we have a gig in June or July, but not sure when.

I think five bands is enough. In reality, only one of them is compelling (EDDIE), because they actually practice and play gigs and have a business model. I don’t like playing in BABY ROCKET, but I agreed to play some firm dates this year and no more. I am laissez faire about GUPPY EFFECT, because I am generally always available and it is up to those guys to make time for it. They are both busy, so I let them set the pace. RITA WITTER BAND practices about weekly, but no one in that band ever practices outside of rehearsal, so progress is really slow and there are still a lot of biffs. As with anything, you get out what you put in.

The Funk’s Pub open jam/stage is still something I do fairly regularly, although most of my full bands don’t participate, with the exception of the RITA WITTER BAND. HIATVS will probably do the jams on May 3 and 31, after we rehearse, to get a little live stage performance honing in.

I am still doing online mini house concerts solo acoustically in my basement when time permits. My internet technology is starting to get really out of date now. My old laptop is getting senile and not recognizing the OS dvd anymore. Some web browsers are no longer supported on my Mac. I will probably need a new laptop soon. It is not high on my priority list though.

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