This Weekend Should Have Killed Me

That title is sensationally hyperbolic, but the weekend was grueling in a very fun and satisfying way. I bike commuted to work on Friday and it started raining during my commute home. That wasn't too terrible. I got a decent night of sleep Friday night. I met Sherry for brunch on Saturday morning and then spent most of the rest of Saturday prepping for the rock-n-roll house concert at my house, hosted by EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE and DR. NOISE (opening act). People starting arriving about 5 PM and we grilled out and socialized for a couple hours. DR. NOISE went on about 7:30 and played about an hour. Then EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE rocked our set (videos of the performances are below). It was a good time. I was tired on Sunday morning, but I still went on a 22 mile bike ride with Sherry, from Cottage Grove to Kroghville, where we munched on a few $0.25 cent wings and had a couple beers. When we got back to Cottage Grove, we ate a more substantial meal before heading home.

I rode my bike to Funks Pub tonight for the open jam too. That will add about 6 more miles to my daily biking total. So almost 30 miles of biking today...not bad. The jam is once again way too loud. I don't know why they have to turn it up so loud. It deters people. I have earplugs in and it's annoyingly loud. I will have to bike home in the dark after the jam but I have an awesome headlight for my bike that's super bright and it is mostly on bike trail. The biggest danger will be wildlife and axe murderers. Well, if I disappear, search along the Badger State Bike trail in Fitchburg WI between McKee Rd (PD) and the Beltline Highway.

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