A Mother's Day Post

Happy Mothers' Day. I am never sure whether to use an apostrophe or not when writing that. If it is just the day we honor all mothers, collectively, then it would just be the plural of mother. No apostrophe. But if the day belongs to all mothers - possessive - then there would be an apostrophe, placed after the S. I personally feel it is the former, the day of recognizing and appreciating all mothers, but I used the apostrophe for illustrative purposes.

I tried calling my mom last night and this morning, but she wasn't home, no doubt off doing fun things. I will try again later.

This weekend has been potent. Friday night, I went to a social for Madison professionals aged 30 to 40. Not sure the age cohort matters, but there is a sort of underlying matchmaking subtext to these things. After that, I went to Mother Fools coffee shoppe to hear a couple of female singer/songwriters perform.

Between and after the shows, I earned a few bucks Ubering. Very enjoyable.

On Saturday, I met my friends Wendy and Dan for lunch, after which we went to Menards and scored some vegetable seedlings and seeds. The seedlings were tomatoes, peppers, and broccoli. The seeds were yellow squash and zucchini. I got both organic and conventional seeds to do a little experiment to see which do better. 

We hit Metcalfe's Market for some gardening beer and went back to my house to garden. It only took about 30 minutes for us to till and plant my small garden. We also put some of the plants in the concrete planter strip that runs along the sunny side of my patio. 

I am optimistic for some good garden yield this year. I couldn't have a decent garden last year because I moved to my new house on July 1 and that was perfectly timed to be too late to plant anything at my new house or harvest anything at my old house (I knew I was moving by May, so I didn't even plant anything at my old house).

After the garden was in, we chilled a while on the patio, until Tim (aka Eddie) of EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE, my punk rock band, arrived. After he ate the Subway sandwich he had brought, Wendy bolted and EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE had a phenomenal band practice.

I had considered going to an open mic night at Mother Fools on Saturday night, which I had found out about the night before at my friend's show, but decided instead to get some grillable meats at the nearby HyVee and relax at home.

On Sunday morning, I tried calling my mom again. Still no answer. Then I mowed the lawn, notwithstanding a slight bit of drizzle and cooler temperatures on Sunday. I had a block of time between mowing the lawn and RITA WITTER BAND practice at 4 PM, so I showered and dressed presentably and Ubered for a while.

RITA WITTER BAND rehearsal was fun, although the band still has a ton of biffs. I am not sure how to correct that. We try. We seem to get a pretty good handle on things at practice, but then as soon as practice ends, it is like everything is out the window again and we have to start all over at the next practice.

Anyway, after RWB finished, we went over to Funk's Pub and played a showcase set at the open jam. It went OK, but as predicted, a lot of the nuances we had honed at the afternoon practice never came to fruition on stage. We'll really have to work on that.

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