A Quick Touch Base

I am feeling pretty good this week. I bike commuted twice so far. The garden is in and survived last night’s threat of frost.

Foster’s bum eye is on the mend and healing properly. He still needs to wear the cone and get eye drops through this weekend, then the vet will examine him one last time next Monday.

I have been enjoying making a few bucks Ubering people around Madison. Tonight I have a short GUPPY EFFECT band practice and I am going to take it easy after that.

After work tomorrow there are a couple of social outings I will try to hit if I can fit them both in. I may Uber Thursday night, and this weekend looks like a good one for Ubering too, because it is graduation at the UW Madison. Lots of people coming and going.

EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE has a show on Friday night. I hope to get a bike ride in with Sherry this weekend. That’s a quick and dirty run down.

Now I have to go bike commute home and let Foster out before going to help Sherry with a task.


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