Kudos to My Microbial Passengers

I have to admit my admiration for the pathological microbes that have been infecting my corporeal being for the past week and a half. From a purely Darwinian perspective, they are awesome.

However, from my perspective, this chest cold is not so awesome, and thus I have applied one of several tools of human evolution designed to decimate infectious bacterial populations.

In this case, that tool is a prescription of doxycycline from my doctor who thinks I have pneumonitis, which I believe is a combination of bronchitis and walking pneumonia.

Usually, my colds progress from head cold to chest cold. I don’t usually get a cold this bad so late in the spring. I can usually conquer them on my own, but I needed help this time.

My friend Sherry had the same cold, which she may have caught on a business trip out west, and she probably infected me a couple days after she became contagious.

Her doctor prescribed the same medication and thinks she has walking pneumonia too.

After just a day and a half of the meds (3 pills), I can already tell the pathogen’s grip on my lungs is loosening, with a commensurate production of lung butter that I am now hacking up. I realize that’s TMI.

Good day.

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