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Hi. It’s Joe.

I am writing this from work, near the end of my lunch break, on a Friday. I am looking forward to this weekend immensely. It will culminate on Sunday night, when my fun rock cover band HIATVS takes a brief hiatus from perpetual hiatus to reunite at Funk’s Pub for the open jam/stage around 8 PM. In the afternoon on Sunday, Brian “AquaMunkee” Morse and I will rehearse with our chosen drummer for this event, one Andrew “Fee” Gunderson. The goal is to solidify 10 songs at a minimum and then showcase these at Funk’s, hopefully with a break for dinner between the two things. Well, there will definitely be a break for dinner, it is just a question of whether we get through everything by then. I am trusting Aqua and Fee to do their pre-prep homework and arrive at my house ready to rock on Sunday.

On Saturday, I plan to go on a bike ride with Sherry at some point and spend the rest of my time that day learning and honing songs. My bass playing skills are also being called upon by another group that will be at the Funk’s jam on Sunday, with Fee on drums. This group is playing four Grateful Dead songs I have to learn. I’ll also be joining the house band at Funk’s Sunday to render a few additional tunes, but most of these I already know and have solid enough.

Tonight, I will become an Uber driver for the first time. Uber is a 21st century ride sharing program completely administered through smart phones that appears to be revolutionizing the transportation industry and providing a side stream of income for people with a qualified background and automobile (must be a car older than 2002 and with 4 doors…my Prius not only qualifies, but also has a bike rack as a perk for cyclists). Basically, when you are ready to do some ride sharing, you sign into the Uber app on your phone and when people hail a ride via their own smart phones, you have the option to take the fare. All the money is transferred electronically on the Internet, so nothing changes hands, minimizing hassles and risks for everyone. I thought it would be a neat way to make some money on weekends when I don’t have a gig. I can still socialize with friends and just be “on call” to go give rides here and there.

I have always been a good DD for my friends on the weekends, and I like helping out by driving people around on the weekends so they can party without worrying about driving drunk. The beauty of Uber is that you are your own boss, beholden to no one, once you clear Uber’s security background check and verify all your legal and financial documents with them. Because the rides are crowd sourced (many people in a city available to give rides via Uber), you can set your own hours and only drive when you want to. Much fodder for blog posts, me thinks, while earning up to $25/hr. If it sucks, I can always stop doing it.

The weather is so nice today. I bike commuted all week. I cannot wait to get home tonight and start the weekend fun.

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