The Show Last Night

I got to the Frequency about 7:15 last night, after circling the block several times waiting for some "rock star parking" to open up, which it inevitably did. The spot was near the alley behind the Madison music venue, so I entered through the back door, my favorite way to enter, with my guitar and band mate Tim's guitar amp head. I had to make a second trip to retrieve my own amp and the suit jacket I would wear later, when my band EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE performed.

After the gear was safely inside the venue, I chilled at the bar, while the first band, BRON SAGE, sound checked in the stage area. I ordered a veggie pizza and ate 5/8ths of it. While I was eating, a young lady came into the venue and sidled up to the bar next to me to order a drink. I introduced myself and we got to talking. Her name was Meg, a self employed seamstress who was flying solo for the night.

Later in the evening, I introduced her to my friend Sherry so she would have someone to socialize with while I was doing the band thing and performing. I was glad to make a new friend.

There were 5 bands last night and they were all superb. It was DEVIL TO DRAG's EP release party, although SEXY ESTER headlined the show. EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE played third, preceded by BRON SAGE and a band called BASEMENT FIRE.

I had a blast.

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