Goings On About Town

I had a fun weekend, for the most part.

Friday night I hung out with Deborah. We watched some Orange is the New Black Season 3, walked the dogs, and had a nice outing to the Vintage brew pub. I stayed at my house on Friday night so as to take Foster to an early veterinarian appointment on Saturday at 8 AM. My cleaning lady came on Saturday morning and a little bit later in the morning, Sherry brought her dogs over so I could dog sit them while she went on a camping trip. Deborah came over about 11 AM and we grilled on my patio. Her sister Julie joined us for a bit too. In the afternoon, Deborah and I biked to her folks’ house and we kayaked on Lake Mendota.

I am getting over some kind of respiratory sickness that had me coughing and hiccupping on Saturday night. I was pretty miserable when Deborah, her sis, and I went to see a friend’s band at the Come Back Inn, followed by fireworks. But I powered through it. On Sunday, I actually felt a lot better and was able to sing OK at band practice that evening (RITA WITTER BAND) and at the Funks open jam on Sunday night. Today I am in the process of purging lung butter, but I think I am on the mend and will be able to perform OK with my two bands at HIGH NOON SALOON tomorrow night (GUPPY EFFECT and EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE are on the same bill, starting about 7 PM).

Today is a typical work day, and it is winding down. I have GUPPY EFFECT practice tonight ahead of the big HIGH NOON show tomorrow. I will get a better sense of how my voice is holding up due to the sickness, but I won’t over do it.

This coming weekend is July 4th. I need to find out if my contracting agency gives us Friday or Monday off, so I can plan my weekend. There is definitely going to be some biking in the New Glarus WI area on Saturday. Maybe some on Friday, if I have it off. If I don’t, there is talk of going to the Jefferson Drive In Theater to see a movie Friday night.

Good times.

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