I Survived the Weekend Marathon of Rock-n-Roll

This past weekend, I rocked more shows than I think I ever have before in one weekend. It was a grueling marathon of pure fun!

The rocking kicked off with a couple of warm up shows with cover band BABY ROCKET, Thursday and Friday nights. The Thursday performance was at the Nautigal Pub in Northport WI, a suburb of Madison. The Friday show was at the Baja Cantina in Wisconsin Dells. The milquetoast cover songs were a nice warm up for the rest of the weekend's more potent rock-n-roll.

On Saturday night, punk band EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE cruised up to Fond du Lac WI to rock a great set at Ziggy’s Corner Bar. This was the first EAD show EVER with me subbing for Spots on bass. I didn’t do too badly, I thought, and the crowd loved us.

By this time, I was pretty battle fatigued. I got home to Madison fairly late on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) and got a pretty decent night of sleep ahead of Sunday’s continued ultra-marathon of rock.

GUPPY EFFECT played two shows on Sunday afternoon as part of MAKE MUSIC MADISON, a city wide celebration of live music. At 2:30 PM, we performed on the street corner outside of the Cosmic Delights head shop on the east side, for a decent crowd of people sitting on the grass in the shade across the street. After that set, we pounded some iced coffees and made our way to Guitar Center on the near west side for another performance (same basic set of material) at 5 PM.

Thanks to Deborah Montgomery and the UStream app, we captured the entire GUPPY EFFECT performance at Guitar Center and you can watch it below…

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