The Week Ahead

It’s Tuesday June 23, 2015. How are you today?

I am quite well following a weekend marathon of rock-n-roll that started last Thursday and wound down on Sunday night. The rocking took me as far away as the Wisconsin Dells (with BABY ROCKET) and Fond du Lac WI (with EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE), and saw GUPPY EFFECT playing its first ever Make Music Madison events (two venues on Sunday).

Tonight, EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE (EAD) is getting together to record parts for our upcoming CD, mostly drums I suspect. A few weeks ago, we recorded pre-production (PREPRO) scratch tracks, and now it is time to lay down the official biff-free parts. EAD is the best and funnest band I have ever played in. The musicians are good people, driven and motivated. The songs are well-written and performed. Everyone is happy and optimistic. The positivity is great. A band really needs positivity to succeed. Maybe that is all it needs, because positivity is contagious.

The next big show on the horizon is on Tuesday June 30, when two of my bands, GUPPY EFFECT and EAD, will join a third band, WE ARE THE WILD THINGS, to perform at the High Noon Saloon from 7-10 PM. It looks to be a fun time and well attended, since it is an early time slot on a school night.

I may perform solo acoustic at the Union Terrace Open Mic Night tomorrow (Wednesday) night, weather permitting. On Thursday night, they (who are they?) are showing the movie Back to the Future at Camp Randall Stadium. That should be fun, provided we don’t have to drive there. It’s free.

In contrast to this past weekend, this coming weekend has very little in the way of band stuff or responsibilities in general. I need to mow my front lawn and tend the garden, and I am dog sitting for Sherry. That’s about it. If all goes well, Deborah and I might go out on the lake in her parents’ boat and cruise around. There will probably be some grilling on my back patio as well, if nature smiles upon us. I probably have a band practice with RITA WITTER BAND on Sunday evening, followed by the Funks Pub Open Jam. Beyond that it will be a nice relaxing time.

My folks arrive next week some time (HI MOM!) on their way up to the cottage. I hope they are here in time for the big June 30 concert at High Noon. I may go up to the cottage for July 4 weekend, though I have a bike ride option closer to home that is compelling in as much as it is a training ride for my Ireland bike trip in August.

Did you know that in some places...you can rent a goat from Amazon to mow your lawn? Nice.

That’s all for now. Signing off.

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