I am Trying Really Hard Not to Post Everything I See About Bernie Sanders on My FB Wall

I love Bernie Sanders. I am voting for Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is exactly what America needs.

However, I long ago made a pledge to keep politics off my personal Facebook wall. I no longer argue with idiot right wing extremists or make snide comments on their idiot posts (on FB…but on my blog I am perfectly fine calling Shenanigans on them).

But it is really hard to resist posting about Bernie Sanders with him running for President. He’s awesome. He’s exactly what America needs to fight the corporatists. America may be too far gone for him to bring it into the 21st and join the rest of the western industrialized world. But he’s the only viable chance for that. Hillary Clinton is a corporatist shill who might perhaps slow America’s nose dive over the cliff onto the rocks below. But she won’t stop or reverse it.

However, I am getting better at resisting the urge to spread the word about Bernie Sanders. Most of my FB friends already know about him and his working class agenda. I am preaching to the choir for the most part and those few friends I have who lean rightward aren’t going to be swayed anyway.

That’s all. Now I am off to enjoy a nice weekend off in northern Wisconsin before Scott Walker signs away my weekends. Yes, the latest Wisconsin State Budget brings back the 7-day work week in all it’s wage slave glory. Weekends…GONE!


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