I Had HuHot for Lunch

I have not been to HuHot in a long time. I went there today for lunch with Deborah. Carlos the cook was still there. He said, “Hi.” Joy the waitress was not there. Perhaps it was her day off, or maybe she has moved on to better things. I am surprised Carlos has not moved up the ranks to management. But perhaps he prefers the “hands on” nature of his job.

HuHot feels like healthy eating. You choose your raw meats, vegetables, fruits, and sauces. They cook it up on the grill for you. So there is no excuse to make unhealthy choices.

If Weight Watchers is to be believed, you can eat unlimited amounts of certain vegetables without penalty. I definitely chose many of these kinds of vegetables, like carrots and broccoli and bokchoy. But I also included a lot of protein, mainly chicken and tofu, with a smattering of beef, fish, and beans (black and garbanzo).

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