It's CSA Box Day and a Great Weekend Ahead

It’s Thursday, and that means my CSA box gets delivered to my workplace this afternoon. I’ll actually go pick it up in a few minutes.

This is a fortuitous thing, because at lunch today Deb and I spoke of making stir fry for dinner and there is sure to be a good selection of fresh, stir fry-able veggies in the CSA box.

Tonight I will probably drive Uber for a bit, to make some pocket money. In part, this is because I am short on hours at my day job this week due to being sick and having my folks in town.

However, Friday (tomorrow) is a paid day off from work (Thanks, The Man!). I am going to be doing some long bike rides this weekend, even though I am not yet over this horrible chest cold. But I am not going to let some microscopic pathogen interfere with having fun.

These bike rides center around New Glarus WI on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For sure, I want to ride on Friday and Saturday. I will probably ride Sunday but want to have the option not to. The weather is supposed to be superb all weekend.

There is talk of a group outing to the Drive In Theater in Jefferson WI on Friday night, although the movies being shown are a bit lackluster, in my opinion. Still, the drive in is more about the experience. They have an awesome concessions hut with pizza and burgers. If I was a guy who was not trying to watch my figure and change to a healthier lifestyle, that would be a strong compulsion. It still is. But perhaps I should avoid that temptation…

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