Lake Fun

Deborah and I woke up around 8 AM this morning, which normally would not be painfully early, but having gone to bed around 1 AM, in this case it was. And not just mentally painful but physically painful too.

The reason we got to bed so late was because a huge tornadic thunderstorm had developed north of Eau Claire WI during our drive north toward the cabin and was directly in our path. Weather emergencies on the radio and large blotches of red on the weather app on Deborah's phone compelled us to drive westward on I-94 to escape the path of the storm. The detour took us north from Menomonie WI on Highway 25 and this delayed our arrival at the cabin. On top of that, we had to sleep on the hide-a-way bed in the living room of the cabin because my sister and her kids were at the cabin and staying in the spare room. The hide-a-way bed is remarkably lumpy and uncomfortable and has a metal support brace that pressed through the thin mattress into my rib cage all night. The weight of Deborah and I also caused the mattress to dip in the middle and by morning my ribs and back were sore. I had slept, but it was not a painless sleep.

Anyway, we got up. I made coffee, always the first order of business. Deborah made herself presentable in the cabin bathroom. Eventually the rest of the family got up and we made some breakfast. Fruit and yogurt were the main staples.

After breakfast, Deborah and I decided to take the boat out and do a bit of fishing. Her back really hurt and so she didn't fish a lot and we didn't catch anything, but it was pleasant on the lake. Calm and sunny.

When we returned to shore in the boat, we swam a bit and I threw the ball in the lake so my dog Foster could get a swim and pseudo-bath.

Then it was lunch time. My sister made some sliced turkey and cheese sandwiches for everyone. After lunch, most of the family wanted to take naps, and they did. I worked on some art pieces while they slumbered.

When everyone got up, it was decided that we all go on a bike ride around the lake. All except Deborah, who declined in favor of taking it easy because her back and foot hurt. Not having Deborah on the bike ride around Shell Lake was unfortunate, because the family stopped to get ice cream and without Deborah there to keep me honest, I had a single scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone.

After we got back from biking, it was the perfect time of day to go fishing, so Deborah and I took the row boat out again. I taught her how to fly fish, rudimentarily, and she actually got a couple of strikes from fish, although I had forgotten to teach her how to set the hook with a fly rod. I caught a couple bass that were below the size limit for this part of Wisconsin, so I let them go. A bald eagle landed in a tree right by us and stayed there for most of the time we were fishing. I think perhaps it was hoping to secure its dinner in the form of fish discarded by us. However, we caught our fish on fake lures that do minimal damage to the mouth parts of fish. So no fish died in the making of this true blog post.

When we finished fishing and came back up to the cabin, it was nearly time for dinner. We had my dad's chili and some supplemental foodstuffs.

I am writing this after dinner and there is talk of card play soon.

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