Lazy Day on the Lake

It is one of those lazy days on the north shore of Shell Lake WI. Sunny, with a breeze coming off the lake from the south that cools everything off a few degrees.

I took the wind surfer out this morning while Deborah kayaked. The cord that attaches the boom to the mast was frayed and it snapped when a gust threw me off the board. I jerry rigged a fix to limp back to our beach by the point.

Unbeknownst to me, Deborah had capsized the kayak a bit further down the shore from me and swamped it with water. A couple dudes from one of the cabins helped her flip the kayak on shore to drain the water so she could paddle back.

Two minor water craft disasters is a small price to play for a fun morning out on the water.

Once we were both safely back, we swam a bit and even Foster doggie paddled around. I also threw the tennis ball for him.

Shortly, we are going to bike around Shell Lake and, if all goes well, obtain fishing licenses so we can go fishing later today on the lake.

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