Residual Effects of My Pop Culture and Mass Media Fast

I have been fasting. Not from food, but from mainstream media and pop culture. I consume it very infrequently, and when I do it is by choice and primarily public media, like NPR and Wisconsin Public Radio.

This has made me a happier person and a more rational thinker, the primary goals that originally compelled me to fast. But there are residual side effects.

My non-fasting friends make pop culture references that I don't comprehend. There is no real adverse result from this, but it makes me feel a bit disconnected from my peers.

For example, I have never watched Game of Thrones, primarily because it is not available for free on Netflix. My trusted friends tell me this show is excellent. A part of me feels cheated of this excellence by my own discipline.

On the other hand, I don't feel like my life is any less rich due to not ever watching Game of Thrones. In fact, my life and mind are far more enriched from being spared much of the mind obliterating nonsense served up by mainstream media.

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