The Travel Writer Mindset

I have to put it out to the Cosmos that my dream life is to be a travel writer and travel all over the place writing about it and doing short videos about places and cool things in those places.

I put that out to the Cosmos in order to structure the time/space fabric to tilt me in that direction. There is this book called “Write it Down; Make it Happen,” which basically says that writing down dreams and ambitions makes them more likely to come to fruition.

That sounds pretty hokey to me, but there could be a rational scientific basis for this. It has to do with MINDSET and the creative process. If you believe something cannot happen, you will be very unlikely to act and think in ways that lead you toward the goal of making it reality. But if you believe something can happen by writing it down, you might take subtle actions and make certain choices and notice certain opportunities that you might not have otherwise.

So iteratively, over time, you could begin to create your own reality and sculpt the Cosmos in your general direction, with no hocus pocus touchy feeliness needed.

It can’t hurt and it might help, is the logic there. So, dear Cosmos, I put it to you…I wish to sculpt you to my will to be a jet setting travel writer, and with this trip to Ireland coming up in a couple weeks, it is a great opportunity for you to present me with some options. If you just get me close, I can take it from there.


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