Weekend Bike Rides and Rocking to Prep for Ireland and Burn Calories

This weekend looks to be fairly promising weather-wise, helpful in my quest to prepare for the week long bike trip to Ireland I embark on in a fortnight, with my RAGBRAI bike team, the CRAZY BIRDS.

On Saturday evening from 5-9 PM, I have a rock show to perform with the RITA WITTER BAND at the Ridge Bar in Ridgeway, WI. Ridgeway is on the Military Ridge State (Bike) Trail, so I am going to bike the 30+ miles to the gig, at a leisurely pace. The plan is for my awesome GF Deborah to drive my car, with bike rack attached and my music gear and change of clothes loaded inside, to the venue. If we play our cards right, we should be able to coordinate a roughly 4 pm arrival in Ridgeway. I’ll have to roll out of Madison on my bike about 1:30 PM at the latest, because I don’t plan to bike too fast. I just got my cruiser back from the bike shop (spoke repair), so I am going to ride the Green Machine to the show and hope no more spokes break (this is the third one, so I am getting a new wheel if another one goes... After the show, I’ll throw my bike on the bike rack and Deb and I will cruise home by car (probably with her driving, depending on how many Irish Ales I suck down at the show. You know cuz…training!).

Since it is not a super late show, I should get a decent night’s sleep. The Sunday morning plan is to bike out to the Riley Tap in Riley WI with my friend Sherry (not going to Ireland…though she is on TEAM CRAZY BIRD)) for the weekly pancake breakfast, and maybe forging on to Mt. Horeb WI for lunch at the Grumpy Troll if we are feeling motivated.

That should give me some decent weekend miles of bike training. I am going to cross train during the week, running the 5k round trip to work a couple times next week and bike commuting when I don’t. Next weekend, I am going up to the cabin again to hang with the fam, the last chance to see my sister, niece, and nephew before they head back to Colorado. I’ll get a 10 mile ride in around Shell Lake for sure and maybe try to do the 52 mile round trip to Stone Lake (a la Bike With Melinda Ride), weather permitting. That will be a good route check for BWM too, which I host over Labor Day weekend.

See ya.

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