What's Up?

Hi Readers.

It is time for me to once again check in and see how you are all doing. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post updating me on your life, or some interesting aspect of it. I spend a lot of time writing on this blog about the goings on in my life, because that's the only life I feel qualified to write about. But I am damn curious to learn about yours.

That said, here's my news. In about three weeks I am going to Ireland to bike around with some pals. Before that happens, I have some music igs, of course.

Most notably, this coming Thursday July 30, my punk rock band EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE will play a show at the Frequency in Madison with an out of town band called MONO IN STEREO and another local band called HELP DESK. Should be a good time.

On Saturday August 1, a fortnight before I fly across the big pond to Ireland, the RITA WITTER BAND is playing a show at the Ridge Bar in Ridgeway WI. We'll be kind of winging it at that show, since they are expecting about three hours of music and we have about 1.5 hours of solid material. I thought EDDIE was to play another show the weekend of August 8, but that appears to be off now, so I will probably go up to the cottage again and relax that weekend, the last chance to hang with my family before Ireland.


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