Why I Had to Unlike Wisconsin Public Radio Programs on Facebook

My life is pretty good and stress free. I like to keep it that way.

Lately some developments in American politics have been adding to my stress levels, primarily the increasing number of moronic, ideological buffoons jumping into the Republican Presidential Clown Car (including crook and liar Scott Walker and failed red haired bozo Donald Trump).

Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR), my main source of objective, credible news, has not applied a baseline filter for buffoonery on coverage of these idiots, as if they are credible, ethical, and viable contenders for the White House. They do not apply proper investigative fact checking in their reporting, but merely regurgitate the ridiculous statements of these crackerjacks without question.

I can no longer entertain that, and thus have been forced to indefinitely disenfranchise WPR programs from my social media outlets.

When they decide to take the 2016 Presidential race more seriously, I will consider re-activating my social media connection with them. My stress level has a threshold and WPR exceeded it. That's all it is. Nothing personal.

A good day to you.

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