All Systems Appear to be GO for Ireland

I am off to Ireland tomorrow, as you probably know, to bike around and see stuff with my RAGBRAI bike team, TEAM CRAZY BIRD, as well as sample some fine Irish ale.

Everything appears to be in order.

Passports? Check.
Euros? Check.
Phone tree? Check.
Bike gear? Check.
Clothes? Check.

My teammates all arrive in Dublin at different times of the morning. I am the earliest, at 5:45 AM. I along with a couple other early arrivals will probably head into Dublin to look around, before we meet the others at the predetermined meetup site, a pub on the west side of town called the Salmon Leap Inn in Leixlip, about 12:15 PM.

Then we'll all shuttle off in a minivan to Killarney Ireland in the southwest part of then country. From there, the biking adventure begins.

Stay tuned here for vicarious details.

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