The Importance of Date Night

Monday is my firm date night with my GF, Deborah. That's not to say we can't have dates other nights, just that Monday is a sacrosanct date night. If we get busy with other things the rest of the week, we know we always have Monday Date Night guaranteed for our own one on one time.

If for some reason we have to cancel a Monday date night for something important that can't be rescheduled, then we have to make it up on another night. So there is some flexibility built into this. For example, I was in Ireland all last week, from Saturday through the following Sunday. Deborah didn't go on this trip. So in addition to tonight's Monday Date Night, we need to add another date night this week.

Fortuitously, I have an eye doctor's appointment in Lake Mills WI on Tuesday night this week. The plan is for Deborah to come with me to the eye appointment and then we go out somewhere in Lake Mills afterwards, perhaps the Blue Moon or Carp's Landing.

As for tonight's date night, we will probably chill at home (literally...it's chilly out), grill out, and watch some TV. Date night doesn't have to be an elaborate affair, it just has to be dedicated together time, without interruption. I firmly believe the healthiest relationships are those that incorporate some theme and variation on a date night.

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