Farewell Ireland

As I sit in the Dublin airport after a week long bicycling trip through Ireland with my bike team, TEAM CRAZY BIRD, I am starting to feel a bit of dread about returning to the USA. One of the things I notice when traveling to Europe and other parts of the world is how intolerant the people are of societal nonsense.

It was refreshing to not see or hear Donald Trump even once while I trekked around Ireland. Of course, we were too busy biking, hitting pubs, and having fun to watch any TV.

I don't even miss not seeing Bernie Sanders, the only reasonable and grown up American presidential candidate, on the telly.

I really wish the USA could up their game as a society and send the charlatan corporatist politicians packing. But anti intellectualism has a firm foothold in the USA, so it is not surprising that the people get a lot of anti intellectual politicians.

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