Ireland Fun is Nigh

On my upcoming trip to Ireland next week, I am going to try to avoid all American cliches about the Irish, notwithstanding that the members of my bike team who I am going with mostly fall into that category of social cyclists known as “drinkers with a biking problem.”

I have never bought into the stereotype of the Irish as drunks (though this may be true of Americans of Irish ancestry). Most of the actual Irish (from Ireland) people I have met or known didn't drink at all, though the sample size is small. But I will keep an open mind. If the Irish embrace the stereotype...who am I to object?

That said, this trip will mainly be scoping out Ireland from a bike seat between stops at local pubs. The itinerary put together by the team captain actually lists suggested pub stops for any given day. We are probably going to a craft beer fest in Doolin Ireland on the Friday of the ride, a couple days before we fly home. So beer and drinking will probably be an emphasis of the team collectively, but it will be an American emphasis, not an Irish one.

I am super geeked for this trip, having never been to Ireland. I have asked the Cosmos, in writing, for good fortune and maximal fun.

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