McKenzie's Full Breakfast

Monday morning in Killarney IE finds the bulk of TEAM CRAZY BIRD at McKenzie's Cafe eating breakfast. I ordered the traditional Irish full breakfast and ate the black pudding quickly, before giving too much thought to what's in it. It's high protein fare, which I like for biking. Sausage, bacon, an egg, tomatoes, and toast.

We are doing a 22 km ride today on rented bikes. While that doesn't seem like much, you must keep in mind this is TEAM CRAZY BIRD (pub stops) and we will be stopping to see tourist attractions as well.

There is some talk of upping the distance to 40 km.

After I finished breakfast, I ordered a mocha coffee to go, at which point the store proprietor informed me she had just taken a veggie and egg frittata out of the oven and it looked divine. How could I resist? After all...it was more protein for biking.

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