One thing I don’t much like doing is shopping for new prescription glasses frames.

The anxiety this brings me comes from many sources.

First, there are too many frames to choose from. It’s overwhelming.

Then when you narrow it down to a few that look good, you have to balance fit against cost.

I recently had my eyes examined and my prescription changed only slightly. I could have gotten by with my current frames and lenses, but since my insurance covered a pair of new frames, I went for it.

After I got my prescription from my eye doctor, I took it to CostCo, where I was able to get frames and lenses at about have the cost of what they would have been through my eye doctor’s office. That allowed me to add a pair of prescription sunglasses and still come in a little under what I would have paid if I had gotten my prescription filled at my doctor’s office.

So even though eyeglasses shopping makes me ornery, I am glad it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

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