My RAGBRAI team (TEAM CRAZY BIRD) forewent RAGBRAI this year in favor of a bicycling tour of Ireland.

I leave for this week long bike trip on Saturday and I am currently calling this fantastic trip RAGBRAIreland.

TEAM CRAZY BIRD does not usually do RAGBRAI in odd numbered years, which 2015 is. What I hope ends up happening is that we continue to do RAGBRAI in even numbered years and then do specialty trips like RAGBRAIreland in odd numbered years. As a travel writer who loves biking, this seems like a best case scenario, albeit a costly one (I budgeted heavily for RAGBRAIreland, with a current outlay of almost $3500, which includes some pre-paid things like air fare, lodging, bike rentals, and some other things, as well as Euros budgeted for food and drink…lots of drink by the looks of it!).

Anyway, I will be travel blogging the trip via this blog. Bookmark it and check it periodically if you want to experience it vicariously through me. SUBSCRIBE via e-mail in the upper right if you want e-mail notifications when I post (free and you can unsubscribe any time). Or if we are friends on the Face or Twitter, you will probably see my posts appear on the social nets.


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