The Bud's of Killarney

The Bud's of Killarney is a place called Tatler Jack, a little off the beaten path, but not by much. They have a large variety of food, Irish and otherwise, at a reasonable price. The bar has a great selection of local beers too and the atmosphere is nice. Even though the restaurant was full, they let us eat at the short, small bar tables. I have developed an eye for places like this over the years and I grant my readers this knowledge so they can maximize their value when they travel. So if you are ever in Killarney IE looking for modestly priced food and drink...Tatler Jack is your place.

We also discovered that Tatler Jack was an after hours pub, so TEAM CRAZY BIRD finished out the night there after other places called last call at 11:30 PM. We learned of this from a local when we were at O'Connors Pub earlier in the night (which closed at 11:30).

Side note: Bars in Ireland call last call by dimming the lights, opposite of what bars in the States do.

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