The Gap o' Dunloe

TEAM CRAZY BIRD awoke in Killarney IE this morning. I slept like a rock and pretty much crushed my jet lag. My roommate, team captain Jason Hosch, did not fare as well, saying he slept horribly.

We had agreed the night before to meet for breakfast at 8:30 AM, but when we hit the streets of Killarney, we discovered most restaurants don't open until 9 on a Monday morning, but we did find the bike shop from which we would be renting bikes in the interim.

After we ate, we got our bike rentals from the shop and took them back to our apartment car park where most of the team (except me) changed out their pedals.

The bike shop had given us crappy maps of the day's bike route through the infamous Gap of Dunhoe, a winding hilly road between two "mountains." It was quite a challenge. The distance for the day was about 45 km. There was some single track off roading too. Irish roads are narrow and we had to compete with horse and buggies in addition to car traffic and other cyclists. But everyone is fairly cool about sharing the road here so it wasn't as hairy as it could have been.

The biggest disappointment to the team was the unstereotypical lack of pubs in the Irish countryside. We expected a lot more. But general merriment still ensued.

The weather was grey and in the 60s F. It didn't rain (much) but it was chilly. We were all fairly well equipped for the weather.

I survived today's biking..but will I survive tonight's partying?

Enjoy the pictures that follow.

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Deborah Montgomery said...

Looking at the tits,I see ;) Looks like a challenging ride Beautiful though.