Who Hates Airport Check In Kiosks?

I was lucky this morning when I arrived at the Madison airport to check in for my trip to Ireland. United Airlines uses automated check in kiosks for passengers, which is a shame. The airlines basically died when they gave up human interaction in favor of what they thought would be expediency, but that is a thesis for another post.

For whatever reason, the one airline staff member behind the United counter beckoned me up and processed me, never once asking me to interact with those vile and hated machines. Could she see in my face the disdain I hold for these devices? The two passengers before me were both told to use a kiosk. At least one of them was traveling internationally like me, so that could not have been a selection criterion.

The woman at the counter scanned my passport and checked my bag through to Dublin, then sent me on my way in a matter of seconds. I would say definitely under a minute. The two passengers ahead of me who had been directed to the kiosks were still battling the stubborn and vengeful machines as I shouldered my carry on bag and headed toward security, which I also breezed through effortlessly.

The TSA agent who checked my boarding pass asked where my final destination was and when I told him it was Dublin and biking around Ireland, he jokingly asked if he could join me. I said, "Of course!"

The three passengers ahead of me in the security line all had their bags yanked off the conveyor scanner for a manual check, so I was certain my bag would be flagged too, but it wasn't. I grabbed it, slipped on my slippers, and found a comfy chair in the concourse next to a power outlet to write this post.

Easiest airport check in ever...and no evil machines to thwart me.

Stay tuned for Ireland fun.

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