Egg Harbor Door County

I am in a car heading for Door County in northeast Wisconsin. Specifically, Deborah and I are going to Egg Harbor for a weekend of quasi-camping with her son and his girlfriend. We are staying in some kind of cabin or quasi-stationary deluxe RV. I am not entirely clear on the lodging situation.

Our dogs Foster and Maddie, a Boston terrier and Dachshund, respectively, are reposed in the back seat, sprawled on doggie beds that wreak faintly of canine urine. The trunk is filled with human bedding, some sheets and a comforter that smell faintly of spring rain, the scent of the laundry detergent used to clean them. We are also not fully clear on the linen situation at this cabin or RV or mobile home or whatever the heck it is. Beneath the linens are some victuals, both canine and human (albeit partitioned by species). The lodging appears to be equipped with a kitchenette from what we could gleam online. There is an acoustic guitar back there as well, though I am skeptical there will be an opportunity to play it. We are only going to be in Egg Harbor for about 40 hours in total, about 16 of which will be usurped by sleep.

We are exiting now so I can take over driving.

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