I Won't Ever Again Wear Shoes With Laces

A couple weeks ago my awesome GF Deborah got me a couple new pairs of shoes and I love them. They are amazingly comfy and best of all, they do not have annoying laces that you have to tie and which often break, requiring the purchase of new ones. I believe the shoe style is called a loafer.

I swore off laced shoes years ago and for most of my life as a field researcher in Corporate America, I have worn comfortable slippers, some of which resembled real shoes enough to escape all but the most astute of wandering managerial eyes. There was a certain podiatric freedom to wearing easy on/easy off slippers.

Now I have discovered loafers and they are my new favorite footwear, with all the ease and freedom and lacelessness of slippers, but also the arch support and comfort of a decent pair of shoes.

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