Irony Day

Are you at work today?

That would be ironic, and I would think a bit degrading to your self worth.

That said, I will be doing a nominal amount of voluntary labor today, with wages paid in a sense of altruistic superiority.

I have to pull the row boat up to higher ground and flip it upside down. Then with the assistance of my friend Sherry, I will carry the kayak to its winter storage place in the back shed, after first sweeping out said shed and arranging the bicycles within into some compact semblance of order.

There may be one or two other small chores to complete as well.

That will be followed by a bike ride around the lake to the coffee shoppe and cafe for a bite to eat. Or we might do that first, I am not sure.

But before any of this can transpire, I must "pump a Snicker."

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