Loafers for Loafing

I am the proud owner of two new pairs of awesome footwear, courtesy of my GF Deborah (I guess she technically “owns” them, since she bought them for me). They are loafers. Not quite a shoe and not quite a slipper, but sort of in between. They are easy on/easy off and very comfortable, like a slipper. But they are aesthetically much more like a shoe, thus totally functional for work attire. I got a brown pair and a black pair. The latter will be perfect for when I suit up for EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE shows, although that won’t be happening for a while, since our drummer Frank (aka Dano) is going to tour around Europe and America for six months, and we don’t yet have a sub drummer lined up.

I am puzzled as to why I have not embraced wearing loafers until now. I have always been a slipper guy, rarely wearing shoes except for special occasions like job interviews and the aforementioned suiting up for punk rock shows. Maybe you just reach a certain age where you start wearing loafers. But I should have started wearing them ages ago! I have never been one to adhere to social fashion norms, so I totally could have.

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