Madison Turner's Overdrive

I am at Madison Turners and I am not sure why. Or how.

It is putatively to attend the Madison Social Media Breakfast. I signed up for it online a few weeks ago and I got up at the unusually early hour of 6:30 AM to drive across town in time for the 7:30 start time. I was still late, arriving at 7:40 AM thanks to the foibles of GPS technology.

I cannot truthfully say I was not tempted a couple times to bail on the thing. I had a royally stressful day yesterday, handing over more than a thousand of my hard earned dollars to my veterinarian for the seemingly simple procedure of cleaning my dog's teeth (they decided to extract a few of his teeth for two hours at the charlatanic rate of $300/hr) and then being tasked with giving him horse pills for the next two weeks to prevent pain and infection, a formidible task with my finicky Boston terrier, Foster, who doesn't fall for the old peanut butter cloaked medicine ploy.

But I like to see things through and I saw this thing through.

The speaker was Spencer Smith and his presentation was titled "How to Establish Yourself as an Expert (Without Calling Yourself One)."

It was a good presentation. Spencer was charismatic and stayed consistent to his own thesis, conveying expertise during his entertaining speech. Furthermore, he used as an example his own band's rise to power (defined as getting lots of gig opportunities) by establishing "expertise" by way of performing on the largest stage of the world's largest music festival, Summerfest. One of my bands played Summerfest a few years ago, but via a different avenue ("we knew a guy..."), and said band never leveraged the prestige of that clutch cargo gig to play other shows.

I am glad I came to the thing. It's a good group of peeps.

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