My Summer Ends in Rocktober

Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer for a lot of people, particularly people in school. But not for me.

I refuse to accept summer's end until well after even the official seasonal transition to fall around September 21.

I usually accept the demise of warm weather and settle in for the long slow descent into holiday season hell around Halloween at the end of October.

I will often wear shorts up until then, even though I might bundle up my upper body with long sleeves and hoodies.

I do not like cold weather and try to delay its onset mentally as long as possible. That isn't to say I don't appreciate some aspects of fall, like the changing leaves and...well, that's about it.

I spend November and December acclimating myself to endure January and February, the bleakest part of winter in Wisconsin, usually. In January, I have my birthday to look forward to after the new year and February brings FEBRUARY ALBUM WRITING MONTH (FAWM), where I hunker down indoors and distract myself via songwriting, with hopes that March might bring some hints of pending spring.

This February, I am very lucky to have an option to relocate to more tropical climes to escape Wisconsin's frigidity. My GF Deborah is taking me on a cruise during the first week of February, followed by a week in Florida.


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