Pablo Escobar

I am watching a show on Netflix right now called “Narcos.” It is historical fiction based on the Drug War of the 80s, with emphasis on Colombia’s cocaine trafficking in the USA under Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Drug Cartel.

Escobar was by any definition a criminal, but he was an interesting character. When he made too much money to launder or buy things, he simply gave it to the poor. Cash. So he was very popular and well liked by the Colombian masses, who saw him as a sort of Robin Hood against the oppressive government that finally captured, imprisoned, and eventually killed Escobar in the early 90s.

I like “Narcos” because it teaches a bit of Latin American history via quasi-fictionalized action drama. I don’t like it because there is far too much overdubbed narration by the show’s DEA agent protagonist. But I like more about it than I don’t like, so I am compelled to watch more.

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