I am voting for Bernie Sanders for President in the 2016 primary and (if all goes well) general election. That’s a done deal unless someone more awesome than him enters the race, which seems unlikely, or Bernie Sanders does something really dumb, which seems even more unlikely. It’s nice to be decided on that. I don’t need to think about it that much, but just occasionally passively tune in to Bernie’s progress and gains on Hillary Clinton. Sure, a woman President would be cool. Just not her. I would vote for Elizabeth Warren in a pinch.

I have found I need to follow an “ignorance is bliss” philosophy when it comes to politics. Everyone has gone completely insane on all sides of the political spectrum and the few rational people just say things that make me mad, because I know 99% of people won’t respond to reason, but only to emotion (fear, hate, God, etc.). So I disenfranchise the whole gosh darn thing and I try to stay away from mass media coverage of politics. Everyone has totally lost their way, focusing on divisive non-issues that get ratings, while ignoring real issues. Investigative journalism is virtually non-existent nowadays. The media just regurgitates what their sources say and there is no news analysis (except via satire, like John Stewart and John Oliver).

So I am through with it. If America goes to hell in a handbasket, I will go to…oh, I don’t know…Australia, in a jet plane. How do you like them apples?

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