Notwithstanding a recent veterinary bill of over $1000, life is good.

Last night about 9 PM, I went into the recording studio with Dano (drummer and recording engineer) of EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE and tracked rhythm guitar parts for about five punk rock songs that will be on the first EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE record ever, due in a few months. I rocked the parts and got most of them in only a couple of takes, so we were out of there by 11 PM.

My house is finally for sale and out on the open marketplace. The only thing left there is some music gear. One of the two drum kits there has been sold and the buyer is picking it up next Monday. I have offered my day-glo orange Ludwig custom kit up for sale as well. It's a bit nicer and thus more expensive, but if it does not sell I will probably just store it at my GF Deborah's house. I am moving in with her, if anyone wasn't in the know on that (things are going swimmingly between us).

I got paid today, which isn't an unusual thing for a Thursday, since that is my weekly pay day at work. But it relates back to the aforementioned vet bill.

I bought an electric ukele. It was the Musician's Friend Stupid Deal of the Day a couple days ago. I haven't received it yet, but I hope it is a good instrument. I always wanted a ukele to play for some solo acoustic stuff. But seriously, this has to be my last instrument purchase, at least until I sell some older stuff.

My folks are passing through town this weekend and will be staying with Deborah and I on Saturday night. There is talk of heading over to Deborah's parents' house for dinner that night, if my folks are not too tired out from driving.

I biked to work today, and it was good.

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