Selling My Ludwig Drum Kit

I have a pretty nice 5-piece Ludwig custom drum kit I got from a drummer buddy some years back. There were two motives for this. One was to get better at playing drums. I took a few lessons and accomplished this goal. The other was to have a functional drum kit in my band practice space (the Rock Cave) so that visiting drummers would be able to swoop in and rock, without having to lug all their gear and waste valuable jam time setting up their kits. This goal was mostly accomplished. Drummers are a finicky lot and they would often change out my snare drum and cymbals and kick pedal for their own, claiming there was a difference in sound between bashing on my fairly decent gear and their superior stuff. But at least they didn't have to set up and arrange everything, nor ding up the walls in my narrow stairwell with drum hardware.

This kit was never played live and most of my drummers, for all their other stereotypically cliche foibles, treated the kit kindly, tuning it up now and then, and replacing battered skins and heads whenever they "brought the thunder" a bit too heavy handedly at practice (Al!). So the kit has remained in mint condition and still plays beautifully. My Rock Cave is in my finished basement, a fairly spacious clean, dry place. I have used this kit on several song recordings (or more accurately, my guest drummers have), my favorite of which is Wendy Staats' (of SUNSPOT) kickass groove on my hit single "Porn Star Hot" (Madison Area Music Award winner of BEST HARD ROCK/PUNK SONG in 2010).

Well, the time has come to part ways with this gem. I am moving in with my GF, and though she has an awesome house, there isn't enough room for this kit with two people and two dogs. Thus, I am giving it up to a new loving home. An interested buyer is coming by tonight to check it out and hopefully take it to its new "forever" home. It will be a loyal and loving rocknroll beast.

Deborah's house doesn't have a Rock Cave, its only major flaw, though I do have a small music production workstation there (mostly computerized). In all honesty, I am not a drummer and don't really have plans to be. This kit was a luxury I can no longer afford. So I am selling it.

If I invest in drums in the future, they will likely be electronic drums. While not preferred by "real" drummers, they do an excellent job reproducing quality drum sounds. Not being a "real" drummer, that would be more than ample for my songwriting and recording needs...probably even superior to real drums, which require tuning and TLC and proper mic placement and good acoustics, all hassles for a "not real" drummer. In the meanwhile, I guess I will outsource drumming to meet any music production needs for the time being.

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