The Curse of Facebook

I would quit Facebook entirely if I could.

The political ranting and ridiculous memes fill me with ire. Nothing is remotely amusing on Facebook anymore. It is all the usual suspects when it comes to cleverness. Predictable.

But I am compelled to stay on FB for two basic and important reasons.

1. My band EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE does most of our communication via FB Messenger.

2. The FB Calendar is where I post performances of my bands and find out about other bands.

These FB functionalities are mission critical and thus the only things keeping me suckling at this particular social media teet.

I do my best to stay logged out of FB as much as I can until I have to post something or RSVP some local music events, especially performances of my friends' bands. Even so, it sometimes sucks me in like an Odysseyan Siren song.

Thankfully, FB Messenger on my smart phone is a separate app that doesn't require a full FB login, so communicating with my band mates is tolerable.

If there were a way to upload my blog posts to FB without having to login to it, that would be superb.

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