Weekend Report for September 25-27, 2015

It was an interesting weekend. Deborah and I drove up to Egg Harbor WI in Door County on Friday night to spend the weekend camping and socializing with her son Devon and his girlfriend Gretchen. The Rustic Timbers campground was dog friendly and we stayed in a semi-permanent RV on one of the camp sites there. Since we couldn’t leave on Friday until I was done with work and thus got up there kind of late (four hour drive with stops), we just played cards and didn’t go anywhere Friday night. Saturday was action packed though. We went to a nice breakfast place in an unincorporated town called Fish Creek, north of Egg Harbor. Just down the street from this place was a bike shop where, after breakfast, Deborah rented a couple of bikes for Devon and Gretchen so we could all bike through Peninsula State Park north of Fish Creek (Deborah and I had brought our bikes). It was a great weather day and a fun and not too difficult bike ride. After we returned the bikes to the shop, we went to a wine and cheese tasting some place, followed by a visit to an artsy crafty orchard where Devon and Gretchen picked apples while Deborah and I looked around at the arts and crafts and then chilled on the back patio where a bluegrass band was playing (Deborah immensely dislikes country and bluegrass music, but this group was playing a Rolling Stones song when we arrived, so it was tolerable for her for a little while). We returned to the campsite in the early afternoon to let the dogs out and shower before heading out again to Egg Harbor proper (the camp site was a couple miles south of town). We sampled some craft beers from the Shipwrecked Brewery and bought some fancy flavored olive oil at a shop across the street from it. The plan was to go to a pizza joint for dinner called the Wild Tomato. The wait to get a table at this place is long on the weekends and they do not take reservations, but they instead take your cell phone number and then call you about 15 minutes before your table is ready. We chillaxed at a bar called the Juniper while we awaited the call. While there though, the campground manager texted us to say someone was complaining about our dogs barking. We called the campground office and they said someone in a neighboring campsite was bitching about our dogs barking inside the RV (adding that the complainant was, quote, “an asshole”). We decided to get takeaway from the Wild Tomato instead of eating there so we could get back and tend to our dogs. When we got back, the guy camping at the site next to ours came over and he was indeed an asshole. We tried to be nice and explained that our dogs were crated and that it was a dog friendly campground, so it is to be expected that dogs will bark at times. But the guy was just a drama king and wanted to bitch about something and we were his targets. I think he was drunk too. So there was no reckoning with him (we were never entirely sure what he wanted from us, since we had come back as soon as we could after receiving the notification from campground staff) and we basically just said we had talked to the office and they had told us there was nothing wrong with our dogs barking as long as they were contained and it was before 10 PM (they had texted us about 7:30 PM and we got back about 9 after picking up our pizza). The guy ranted and raved but we had done everything we could as far as remedying the situation, so we just asked him to leave and take it up with the campground staff. He told us he would never camp there again and that he wasn’t the only one who was pissed off at us, but as far as we could tell he was the only one near us in the campground that would have been able to hear our dogs. Lots of other people were at other campsites farther away and they had dogs that barked too, so he was not making sense. But we agreed with him that he probably should not camp there ever again, so there was some common ground and the campground owners would probably not miss him either. So that was the big drama on Saturday night. I disenfranchise drama from my life, so after we sent the guy packing we lit a fire in the campsite fire pit, enjoyed our pizza, and played some cards in the RV camper until we got sleepy. On Sunday morning, we got up fairly early and I whipped up some breakfast (turkey bacon and steak cooked in the herbal olive oil we had purchased in Egg Harbor the night before, plus some fruit). We cleaned up the RV and loaded our stuff in the cars, and after we checked out at the campground office, we went to a mini golf place that also had go carts for a couple hours of fun before Deborah and I had to head back to Madison. We raced go carts, shot paintball guns at targets, and played 18 holes of mini golf, rounding it out with some ice cream at the concessions stand (me, not Deborah). Deborah and I got back to Madison about 4:30 PM and unloaded the car. I then reloaded the car with her soon to be ex Yamaha drum kit and we drove it across town to deliver it to some friends who had bought it. When we got back from that errand, I spent a little while practicing bass guitar in anticipation of Sunday night’s open jam at Funk’s Pub. There was a super moon lunar eclipse Sunday night and as we drove to Funk’s in Fitchburg, we saw the shadow of the earth starting to chip into the edge of the moon. The jammers at Funk’s had agreed earlier in the week to learn and perform Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” album in its entirety in honor of the eclipse, which was perfectly timed for the 8 - 11 PM jam at Funks. The performance went well, considering we had not had a rehearsal prior to the jam. Everyone had learned the songs on their own fairly well. Periodically during the jam, we would step out onto the patio at Funk’s and observe the eclipse as it progressed. Fun weekend, notwithstanding the Negative Nellie neighbor at the campground.

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