Weekend Report

Friday after work, I sold the Day Glo orange Ludwig custom drum kit that I have had for a few years. I will miss it. On Saturday morning, I deposited the money from the sale in the bank and then Deborah and I went and bought a few things at CostCo. My parents arrived about 5 PM on Saturday and we went to Deborah’s folks’ house for a nice dinner of smoked turkey. My parents got an early night, due to their long drive back to Ohio starting on Sunday, whilst Deborah and I caught up on Netflix. On Sunday, we had a leisurely breakfast with my folks before they headed out. Deborah and I biked downtown on Sunday afternoon and had a drink at the Hop Cat Pub. The round trip was about 20 miles, and included a short walk at Picnic Point, near the west end of the UW Campus, on Lake Mendota.

I messed around on my new ukele all weekend, figuring out the chords for Green Day’s “Basket Case” and playing it a bunch of times. I did a little piano practice too.

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