A Saturday of Rocking

Today was a good day. I slept in until I felt like getting up, about 9:45 AM. Then I had a leisurely breakfast of fruit and cereal, and plotted out my day with Deborah. I wanted to do a fair bit of music practice right away, so Deborah decided to go work out while I did some. I worked on solo acoustic songs for my two upcoming solo shows (Rocktober 25 at Cardinal Bar for ART NEST and Rocktober 29 @ Bos Meadery for HAPPY HOUR).

When Deborah got back from working out and finished showering and and stuff, we had a spot of lunch. I grilled her a turkey burger and myself a sirloin burger, and we accompanied this with some salad and a homemade dressing I made using a vinagrette we had scored when we were up in door county a few weeks ago.

Now I am about to get back to rocking.

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