A Vicarious Martian Experience

Tonight, Deborah and I are going to a $5 Tuesday showing of The Martian. We wanted to go last week, but it was sold out. We were able to get seats for tonight, perhaps because so many people are staying home to watch the much more thrilling Democratic Debates. Yeah, I know. I can’t say that with a straight face.

Truth be told, I do want to see how Bernie Sanders fares in the debates. I am already decided that I am voting for him, but I want to see if the corporate mainstream media tries to skewer him in favor of corporatist shill Hillary Clinton. Little do the media gatekeepers know, that will only strengthen my support for Bernie Sanders.

Enough on the subject of the Democratic Debates though. The very notion of it makes me a candidate for anti-depressants.

While the Dems are regurgitating their pre-digested road kill (talking points), I will be watching a fun sci fi flick in pleasant company whilst eating overly salty popcorn.

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