I am at Funks Pub, as I usually am on Sunday nights. It's an open jam, and one of the few opportunities I have to play live music these days, on a real stage, with decent lights, occasionally average sound, a full backline, free drink and a spread of food (most times). All things considered it's not a bad gig. Since it's weekly, I get to hone my live playing chops frequently. Since it's plug and play, I don't have to haul any gear, just my instruments. I bring my laptop and a decent microphone and camera though, because I volunteered to run a live stream of the thing on the Internet, which requires minimal gear and effort. Management lets us do what we want. Awesome. A couple of the jam attendees and I have formed an impromptu group that only performs at the jam and we are building a repertoire of tunes, albeit covers. Would I like to be playing gigs and original songs with my "real" bands? Sure. But those are not to be had at present for a number of reasons beyond my control, and even if they were, they would be infrequent. So fuck it. I'd say a regular weekly gig where I get to lay down phat bass grooves with musically talented strangers is a great thing. I'll take it.

Lately I have taken to MC-ing the thing too. In between performers, I play some solo acoustic numbers to keep the (small) crowd entertained (and from leaving...). This has led in turn to me rekindling my repertoire of solo acoustic numbers, which has in turn led to me booking a couple solo acoustic shows for late Rocktober. On the 25th I am playing at the Cardinal Bar in Madison in support of Art Nest (a quarterly art fair) and on the 29th I am playing a Thursday night happy hour show at Bos Meadery in Madison. I have played both these venues before, but not solo acoustic.

Fun times.

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