I cannot stand all the bickering about guns. Everyone has it wrong. There is no quick fix, or as I like to pun, "no magic bullet."

Gun violence is a consequence of an unhealthy society filled with fear and hate that celebrates anti-intellectualism and rewards greed. It's a massive problem that can only be solved with a visionary societal revolution that rebuilds America's greatness in infrastructure, education, health care (especially mental), welfare, economics, politics, and other areas.

Reactionary simple solutions won't work. We need a collective vision for a better society and then we have to pay for it. Yes, this means asking billionaires to contribute their fair share. You can argue what that fair share should be, but your first step is to envision the value society you want and determine what it will cost to get there, then generate revenue to fit that budget. It really is that simple.

You can look to western Europe and Scandinavia for some examples of a value society. They are not cheap societies, but they are good ones.

But it will take a visionary leader to unite us in this vision. Most politicians and the corporate mainstream media focus on dividing us, so we bicker amongst ourselves while the billionaires fleece us and keep the politicians in line with graft supplied by said fleecing.

I think Bernie Sanders is as close to a visionary leader as we have right now. He wants what we all want and he wants us united.

He has my vote, hands down.

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