Halloween 2015

Did I ever blog about the one year I decided not to wear a Halloween costume and then got super sick on Chinese food?

I am not a superstitious person, but as the legend goes, on Halloween, the dead roam the Earth looking to possess the living and cause generalized mayhem. The reason people don Halloween costumes, historically, is to "trick" the dead into mistaking them for ghouls and ghosts so they ignore them and seek out the people who forewent costumes…like me that one year!

The rationalist in me knows the Chinese immigrant working in the kitchen at the Chinese restaurant probably took a crap and didn’t wash his hands, resulting in me eating microscopic particles of his fecal matter (trust me, it’s happened to you too…). Plus the whole Halloween legend outlined above is totally undermined by the Sexy Nurse (Pirate, Cop, School Girl, etc.) costumes, since these are not technically ghouls and ghosts and would actually tend to ATTRACT the walking dead ("treat"), not repel them.

Still, the coincidence was uncanny. The one year I don’t wear a Halloween costume, I get “possessed” by the 24 hour stomach flu.

Ever since then, I have attempted to join the fray and wear the traditional garb of Halloween revelers. And I have since not been stricken with illness on Halloween.

This year, Deborah and I (mostly I) are constructing a duo Halloween costume based on an idea a friend of mine came up with a few years ago. So it’s not original, but it will be fun. Most of the hard work is done on the costume and we’ll put the finishing touches on it this week so that we can costume ourselves on Halloween this Saturday. We are going to pop into my friend Sherry’s Halloween party and then I have to go play a Halloween show at Funks Pub.

In theory, the show is a way to test and hopefully disprove the superstition I hold as a result of that bad stir fry dinner years ago. Because, when I am performing, I will have to "break" the duo costume, because it totally doesn’t work individually. So both Deborah and I will be exposed to the hypothetical wandering dead that night, albeit briefly. If it is nothing more than pagan mysticism, we’ll be totes fine. But if one or both of us is overwhelmed by unexplained Cosmic mischief, I’ll continue to wear Halloween costumes going forward.

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