Happy Halloween and Congrats to You!

I have to congratulate you. You made it to Halloween 2015, surviving some 4+ billion years of pretty brutal evolution by natural selection.

It's a sure thing that many of your ancestors had some close calls with death before they were able to "get the girl" and transmit their genes (some of which are now your genes) into the future.

So actually, I should be congratulating your genes. Without these microscopic symbionts that inhabit every cell in your body (except blood cells), there would be no you...no fun.

In fact, though, there actually is no you. You are just a fully (or mostly) functional "cyborg" infrastructure for your genes. You're a Gene Borg, fully assimilated and all the parts coordinating your collective awesomeness.

Your genes should be congratulating you, and themselves, because you are you because of their effing teamwork. Granted, team playing is one of the things selected for by natural selection. The organisms whose genes were too selfish and uncooperative weren't able to leap to safety. They didn't make it, taken down by a hoarde of better team players.

But even if there is no you, per se, only your well oiled genetic housing complex, congratulations and Happy Halloween!

Keep up the good work.

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